10/31/2016 04:18 pm ET

Khloe Kardashian Almost Made It Through Halloween Without Offending Anyone

Not 👏 this 👏 again 👏 Khloe.

Considering the number of times the Kardashians have been accused of cultural appropriation, you’d think Khloe would know how to avoid it. 

But, the 32-year-old is in hot water again after she Photoshopped dreadlocks onto a picture of herself Monday. The hairstyle appears on Khloe’s app as part of a post where she digitally “tries on” looks from the spring 2017 runway shows. 

Kardashian’s photo in question is altered with the colorful dreadlocks from Marc Jacobs’ critically-panned show. The designer was under fire for the fake locks and issued an insensitive non-apology in reference to the criticism he received.

Kardashian herself seems unaware of the problematic nature of the post, writing under her photo, “I absolutely despise this on me! I think dreads are really cool but the rainbow combined with the dreads is just too much on me.” 

Despite not feeling the look, Kardashian found no problem endorsing the style on her supermodel sister, Kendall Jenner, who wore the hair when she walked in Jacobs’ show.

“But how cute is my little Kenny with her dreads walking in the show?!” Khloe wrote. “Werk sissy, werk!!” 

Nope, not okay. 
Peter White via Getty Images
Nope, not okay. 

Twitter users were quick to denounce Khloe’s look and attempt to explain why it was so wrong:  

Kardashian also found herself in the midst of yet another Halloween controversy when she posted a photo of a friend dressed as a “sheik” on Monday. 

Twitter users wasted no time calling out Khloe and her friend for yet another insensitive blunder, reminding her that religious and culturally significant clothing shouldn’t be reduced to a costume: 

Hopefully next year, Khloe does better.  



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