Kids Rock: This Week In Daily Giving

02/14/2017 09:06 am ET

Violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain believes that music is so powerful that its sound has the ability to penetrate our bodies, taking the phrase, “the music touched my soul” to a whole new level. Music is deeply rooted in cultures and traditions and creates a greater understanding to the varying differences that make each and every person unique. On the eastern coast of Florida, free music workshops fill the void of arts classes that many schools cut due to budget. On the opposite end of the country in California, music production marathons reach over 600 participants in 65 countries. At The Pollination Project music initiates change, inspires action and motivates mastery.

Help us in welcoming our seven newest grantees with a drumroll heard from all across the world

Lakeshia McKay and Charles McKay, McKay’s Music Movement, Hollywood, Florida, USA. Free music lessons and workshops provide low-income students of all ages with scholarship assistance.

Lekeanju Nguatem Tayoh, Integrated Nursery Development for Local Training and Support, Muyuka, Cameroon. Local farmers contribute to sustainable agro forestry, diversification and forest conservation through the creation of a seedling nursery.

Emilia Epeti Miki and Shella Miki, Share The Love, Mbengwi, Cameroon. Orphans and vulnerable children form social, support groups whereby they practice educational, leadership and social skills leading to an escape from poverty.

Nicholas Yiu and Matt Hong, Mixathon48, Fremont, California, USA. Music marathons and workshops in elementary and middle schools revolutionize the world of music education and technology.

Glory Manambowoh Lueong, Breaking the Silence and Stigma (BSS): Sexual and Reproductive Health Education in Rural Ndop-Cameroon, Bamunka-Ndop, Cameroon. Girls and women are provided comprehensive reproductive and sexual health education with the intent to reduce the transmission of HIV.

Joshua Amponsem, Sustainable Community Project, Cape Coast, Ghana. Sanitation workshops provide impoverished communities on the benefits of composting and organic farming leading to improved health.

Terra Ashley Sztain-Pedone, Organ-on-a-Chip: A More Economical, Ethical and Effective Model System, San Diego, California, USA. New technology in biomedical research addresses ethical, economical and effective alternatives to animal models.

Do these global visionaries have you inspired to bring your ideas to a reality? Are you committed to using peace to bring justice to all things? If so, we accept grant applications at all hours of all days of the year. We are humbled to read about projects taking place all across the globe and cannot wait to come across yours!

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