10/04/2016 03:50 pm ET

The Internet Can't Get Enough Of These 'Kids Say The Darndest Things' Clips

Host Art Linkletter's reactions are priceless.

We’re not sure what’s better: This hilarious montage of clips from “Kids Say the Darndest Things” or host Art Linkletter’s reactions to those darndest things.

In August, Facebook page The Urban Cowgirl posted a video of clips from Linkletter’s hilarious segment (which was part of his show “House Party”) where kids have no filter and say some pretty funny stuff. As of Tuesday, the video has gotten more than 17 million views.

Some highlights of the video include a kid insisting George Washington is married to Miss Universe and Linkletter asking what we learned from Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding, which one kid answered with: “The more wine we get, the better the wedding is.”

According to Los Angeles Times’ 2010 obituary on Linkletter, the host had a comical approach to finding kids for his show. He reportedly told teachers to “pick the kids you’d like to have out of the classroom for a few precious hours.”

Based on this video, looks like that method totally worked.



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