04/11/2016 09:43 am ET

Kobe Bryant Feuds With Michael B. Jordan In Spot-On Apple TV Ad

"There’s no decline -- it’s all ascension!"

Welcome to Kobe Bryant Appreciation Week – a week in which the life and legend of the Los Angeles Lakers’ all-time great is celebrated, as we reluctantly wind toward his final game on Wednesday, April 13.

While ex-teammates and decades-old rivals have spent the season honoring Kobe on his 29-city Retirement Tour, actor Michael B. Jordan – no, not that Michael Jordan – apparently missed the Mamba memorial memo.

In a new (and timely) ad for Apple TV, Bryant and Jordan battle over how his career should be depicted in biopic form. Jordan thinks it’s about an aging icon – Kobe, true to form, thinks it’s about his 20 years of heroics – with no missed shot or Achilles heel, literal or proverbial, in sight.

Bryant: See that? That’s the guy you’re playing in this movie. Cold-blooded assassin.

Jordan: Locked in a battle with Father Time.

Bryant: Exactly -- no, what?

Jordan: Like a hero, on the verge of a steep decline. It’s perfect.

Bryant: There’s no decline -- it’s all ascension!

We’ll miss that cool confidence on the court next year, Kobe.



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