10/28/2016 02:17 pm ET

Lady Gaga Megafan Honors The Pop Diva With This Incredible Mashup

Duncan Carter gives the Mother Monster a run for her money.

Scottish performer and YouTuber Duncan Carter celebrated the release of Lady Gaga’s latest album, “Joanne,” by covering 16 of the Mother Monster’s hit songs in an amazing video mashup. 

In the clip, which can be viewed above, Carter re-creates a number of Lady Gaga’s signature looks while performing an acapella medley that includes “Poker Face,” “Born This Way” and “Applause,” as well as the new single, “Perfect Illusion.”  

“For any of us who’ve ever felt like an outcast or a weirdo, her songs make us feel like it’s OK, and that we should be proud of who we are,” Carter told The Huffington Post. “I’m sure lots of people would think it’s strange that I want to spend my time dressing up in bizarre costumes, painting my face and singing to a camera in my living room ― but that’s part of who I am, so the video is for anyone who wants to join in the party.”  

In 2014, Carter created a similar mashup medley with the hits of Britney Spears. But he praised Lady Gaga in particular for putting “a kind of freakiness out there in her music, outfits and videos.” 

He went on to note, “I think we need to show more love in this world, and I couldn’t say it any better than the lyrics from ‘Born This Way’ ― ‘just love yourself, and you’re set!’ It’s a pretty good mantra.” 

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