07/31/2015 07:01 am ET

The Lava Flow Is The Must-Try Cocktail Of The Summer

There is no shortage of cocktails come summertime. With the mojitos, margaritas and many variations of sangrias, we have enough drinks on hand to maintain a nice buzz throughout the season. But we may not have been drinking the best one out there, because we were not aware of the Hawaiian cocktail known as Lava Flow. We found this beauty of a drink at The Chic Site and we are in love. Just take a look at this gorgeous cocktail.

The Chic Site / @MsRachelHollis

What you're looking at is a frosty glass of pina colada swirled with the makings of a strawberry daiquiri. In other words, cocktail perfection. Luckily for everyone, there is still time  to catch up on this great cocktail because summer's not over yet. Head on over to The Chic Site for the recipe

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