Let's Start Racial Profiling -- Young White Boys

I agree with conservative pundits and politicians who say it's high time we start racial profiling for the criminals among us, especially mass killers. Look, let's get real. It isn't Norwegian grandmothers who are bombing airplanes, it's Muslims!

And it isn't elderly blacks or Asians shooting up our schools, it's young white boys! Nearly every school shooting in America has been done by a young white boy. This is indisputable. Numbers don't lie. And these are the most dangerous criminals of all because they target our children!

Are we going to sit back and let them keep killing our innocent school children? America has become sissified. We have grown soft and weak and our enemy knows this. They know they can keep hitting us over and over and we will never strike back. Our appeasement of their violence only encourages these young white boys. It's time to get 'em back!

I say we do a pre-emptive strike. Let's take out three random counties in Kentucky, Colorado and Kansas. You might wonder why Kansas since there were no shootings in Kansas. But Kansas is the geographic base for the young white boys who have had us under assault now for many years. We have to send a message to the Midwest. Remember, these people only understand violence. We have to strike them over there before they hit us over here.

I know some Democrats aren't going to want to drop daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Midwest, but that's because they are cowards. They want to appease our enemies. They don't understand that the real fight here is against Youngwhiteboyofascists. These young white boys hate us for our freedom. If we don't act now, they will destroy our whole way of life. We have to beat them to the punch.

What good is freedom passed on to our kids if they're already dead? Security should be our first and only priority. If you want liberty to last, you have to put it last!

Democrats think this is a simple crime fighting exercise. This is the kind of wrong headed thinking that has led to more and more school shootings. This is war! The War on School Terror! You're either with us or against us. Only traitors stand with the young white boys as they mercilessly kill our kids. The only thing these people understand is violence.

Listen to the brilliant Michelle Malkin explain how the perpetrators of most terrorist acts are Young Muslim Males. Damn straight! You go girl! Ann Coulter has nothing on you. Now listen to The Young Turks explain how the perpetrators of most school shootings are Young White Boys. We used the same exact logic as Malkin's, so what we say must be true. You can't argue with this kind of thoughtful conservative analysis.

Finally, since the safety of our kids is the highest priority, we should go after young white boys first. And after we wipe them out, then we can go after all the young Muslim males. And after they're all wiped out, we'll find someone else. Maybe it can be the other people destroying our way of life - the illegals ... or the gays. Someone's definitely next and they definitely don't look or act like the rest of us. And they definitely have to pay.

But the school shooters are the perfect place to start. If we don't do racial profiling against these young white boys, who will we do it for? How long are we going to allow them to keep killing us while we sit back because we are afraid of political correctness?

At the very least we have to start profiling these people and separating them from the rest of us to protect ourselves. This is just common sense. Anything less would encourage our enemies, who are already incredibly encouraged. Anyone who disagrees with this is pathetically weak and obviously un-American.