Lisa Kudrow Got A Gift From Post-It, 'Cause Duh, She Invented Them


In today's dose of '90s nostalgia, Lisa Kudrow has finally been recognized by Post-Its for basically inventing them. Or at least, taking credit for inventing them. 

The "Friends" star, who claimed to have created the little sticky squares with Mira Sorvino in the cinematic masterpiece known as "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion," just received a whole box full of Post-It goodies from the company. It looks like the gift is meant to celebrate the stationery brand's 35th anniversary celebration. They even added Post-It paper flowers! 

Kurdrow took to Instagram to share a photo of her loot, adding the caption: "Look what I got from Post-It! So thrilling to me!" 


Look what I got from Post-It! So thrilling to me! 🗳💛

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No word yet on whether Sorvino received a similar package, but judging by this unverified Instagram account that could be hers, it doesn't look like it -- at least, she didn't post about it. 

Sorvino did, however, get a chance to speak with the real founder of Post-Its, scientist Art Fry, on HuffPost Live last year. 

"Sorry if I've stolen your thunder!" Sorvino said to a gracious Fry, before proceeding to apologize again in Romy's signature voice. "OK, Art, so sorry I stole your idea, OK. Alright."