01/28/2006 11:57 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Live On-Air Filibuster -- UPDATE

We are doing a live on-air filibuster on The Young Turks right now until we get 41 Senators to support a filibuster of Sam Alito. We are not going to give up. We have a couple of days to make a difference.

We will stay on-air until we get the Democrats to join the fight. Please join us so we can build pressure on the Senators. By "join us" I don't mean just watch us on the website, I mean get other stations, other shows, other blogs to join the filibuster until we are all demanding a filibuster of this extreme nominee.

Watch the live on-air filibuster here.



When we first came on air, there was only one Senator who had stated publicly that he was in favor of a filibuster, John Kerry. We now have 10 confirmed Senators signed on for a filibuster, including Senator Feinstein who had said earlier that a filibuster was not a good idea. Pressure works.

The pressure we are putting on together might be a small factor, but every little bit helps. And with the strong push of Kerry, more and more Senators are coming out in favor of the filibuster.

A "no" vote means nothing. It is senseless symbolism. The only way to actually defeat this radical nominee is to force a filibuster.

Thousands of people have called and e-mailed in to tell us how they are fighting in their own way -- calling their Senators, going into their Senator's offices, contacting the press and spreading the word on the internet and on the ground in their local communities. We appreciate everyone's efforts and all of the blogs who joined the fight.

We have to press ahead. We have to keep fighting over the weekend and into Monday. Keep the momentum going. We have to believe. It can be done.