Living In The Balance: An Earth Day Reflection

God has given us the unique charge of caring for his creation.

Back when I lived in Washington, I would often notice that the local parks near our home would be covered in trash and debris following major university sporting events. Students would walk home and leave the evidence of their fun spread all over the outdoor public spaces. This always bothered me. There were many times that I rounded up my grandchildren and headed to the park with plastic bags in hand. I was committed to teaching them that it was expected that we’d give up a little of our own time and convenience to prioritize God’s creation as it deserves our respect and care.

In Genesis, we learn about creation and its many parts. We learn that God loved what he crafted when he called it good. We know it pleased him to look upon it with pride. However, I’m aware that the over admiration of the earth and all its wonder could also be dangerous. He also created boundaries and distinctions. The Earth is not the sky and the land is not the water; there is a separation. When we worship the animals or make them equal to humans, we’re not maintaining the creation boundaries.

Like many things in our world, it’s easy to exist in the extremes. Either we’re disrespecting our planet and refusing to care for it the way we’re called or we’re worshiping it as we should worship the Creator.

Humans need to live in the balance of respect for nature and God’s divine boundaries.

God has given us the unique charge of caring for his creation. We need to take ownership of that role. We’re expected to be good stewards of the gifts the creation offers us. Our reckless behavior, which causes irreparable damage in favor of time and profit, isn’t honoring to God. I hope we can remember that this Earth day and every time we’re tempted to make convenient, but damaging choices.