02/27/2017 03:02 pm ET

Lorde Teases New Music On Mysterious Website, So What Are You Waiting For?

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It's coming. 
Kevin Winter via Getty Images
It's coming. 

We might never be royals, but at least we have new Lorde music on the way. 

The singer-songwriter from New Zealand tweeted out a link to a mysterious website on Monday that appears to tease her highly anticipated follow-up to 2013’s “Pure Heroine.”

Reports circulated this month that the hitmaker was set to drop the new album in early March after a tweet about a Republic Records music meeting made the internet rounds. 

The new website, which boasts the URL www.imwaitingforit.com, is titled M*******A and features a single video of the singer. In the short clip, a soda-sipping Lorde chills in the backseat of a car with a driver in front as supremely catchy music plays in the background. 

Then, two dates and locations flash across screen ― March 2, 2017 for New York City and March 3, 2017 for New Zealand ― before the screen cuts to black. 

Head here to begin. 



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