06/28/2016 05:36 pm ET

Infamous 'Mac And Cheese Bro' Accused Of Assaulting Police Officer

He reportedly told officers, "I just want to die."

Luke Gatti, whose drunken tirade about jalapeno bacon mac and cheese went viral in October, is now in a real pickle after being accused of assaulting a Florida police officer.

Gatti, 20, was arrested May 28 after Boca Raton police responded to a call from the Wellness Resource Center, a drug rehab facility.

Luke Gatti, 20, is accused of assaulting an officer at a Boca Raton rehab facility.
Palm Beach Sheriff's Office
Luke Gatti, 20, is accused of assaulting an officer at a Boca Raton rehab facility.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Gatti was being treated for drug and alcohol addiction at the facility, but started going through withdrawal symptoms.

When a doctor wouldn't supply medication to Gatti, police said, he decided to leave the facility on foot without any shoes or any personal belongings. Gatti came back two hours later and became angry and agitated when staff members wouldn't give him back his property.

Officer Gina Schuss said Gatti appeared extremely sweaty and out of breath. She tried to take him into custody under the provisions of the Baker Act, which allows for individuals to be involuntarily institutionalized if officials believe they may harm themselves or others.

Schuss said Gatti slapped her hand and then got into a wrestling match with another officer. The altercation led to a door coming off its hinges and both men on the floor.

Gatti stopped resisting arrest when Schuss threatened to Tase him.

He was taken into custody and charged with battery of a police officer and resisting arrest with violence, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Schuss said in her report that Gatti repeatedly said, "I just want to die, I just want to die."

He allegedly asked her to "do him a favor" and shoot him with her duty weapon.

Read the full probable cause affidavit below:

Gatti's case is scheduled for disposition on July 27, according to

Gatti was in the rehab facility as part of a one-year probation given to him by a Connecticut judge for charges related to his now-infamous mac and cheese rant directed at a University of Connecticut cafeteria worker.

The employee wouldn't serve Gatti any food because the underage student was carrying an open beer and seemed very intoxicated.

In a video of the incident, which is posted below, Gatti can be seen telling the cafeteria manager of Union Street Market, “Just give me some f—king bacon jalepeno mac and cheese” and verbally abusing him.

The manager tells the student, “You can’t come in here with an open bottle of booze, dude. Think about it!”

Gatti belligerently insults the employee for nearly nine minutes until he pushes the manager, which inspires another employee to take him and hold him on the ground until officers arrive.

In order to get probation, Gatti was ordered to go through substance abuse treatment, refrain from alcohol or illegal drugs, and submit to random testing, according to the Hartford Courant.

A week after the incident, Gatti recorded an apology video.

“I want to start by apologizing to all the staff involved in my incident, especially the manager. He was just doing his job,” Gatti says in the video. “He gave me so many chances to walk away and I just didn’t listen to him, I was a complete asshole to him.”

Gatti conceded he was “very intoxicated” and said he couldn’t believe what he did in the video. He also said he was getting offers from people who wanted to send him mac and cheese, but requested they send it to a food bank instead.

It is unclear how this current arrest will affect the terms of the probation.



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