11/09/2015 08:42 am ET

Daredevil Climbs Eiffel Tower, Records A Stomach-Churning Video

Well, that's one way to avoid the long lines.

File this under: Things not to try on your next family vacation. 

James Kingston, a Youtuber and adventurer who has previously climbed the Dnopro Towers in Ukraine and somehow manages to capture his terrifying stunts on video, is back at it for a new climb. This time, up the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Without any visible ropes or safety apparatus.

After nixing his original plan, which included buying tickets and climbing the rest of the way up from the first platform, Kingston, along with another climber and a GoPro camera, climbed from the bottom to the top of the tower starting at 1 a.m.

What unfolded next was a stomach-churning ascent that shows Kingston's feet balancing on the narrow framework, hovering over the breathtaking views of Paris that the tower is known for.  

According to the video's description, Kingston hid inside a "couple of holes inside the framework" for hours once security caught wind of the stunt, as one does. After six hours of police questioning and a promise not to visit the tower for three years, he was released without charges. 

The entire video is pretty exhilarating, but things get really good (and easier to see) around the 2:43 mark. 

Mon dieu. 

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