March on Washington?

I was on the radio with Ed Schultz today and we talked about marching on Washington. I THOUGHT we had done the hard work ("Mission Accomplished", if you'll pardon the expression) and could watch our elected representatives accomplish their (and our) goals. But, apparently I was wrong - it now appears we need to send a message loud and clear to the Washington elites - do your jobs now or lose your jobs in November.

I shudder at the thought of Republicans coming back to power, but, with the Democrats looking like clowns, voters will continue "ping ponging" between the parties, and it's the Republicans' turn. This is rewarding obstructionism; so that's why I say it's time for us to march - take the initiative away from the fringe loony Teabaggers - and send a BIG MESSAGE from REAL AMERICANS to get things fixed now or leave the office later!

Unless and until there is a viable third party, Americans seem intent on just going back and forth between the two parties - and both now appear to be awful in different ways. Republicans are merely a front group for big business and Democrats are a half-bought-by-corporations group that is afraid of its own shadow. Democrats - even with big majorities - cannot govern. So we either march and force them to do right, or we watch the "evildoers" return to power. I say MARCH!!