Marcin's ' ALL IN ' ! Rap Superstar RSK & Popular Youtuber MoVlogs Team Up For The Ultimate 3 Day Dubai Trip Giveaway

07/28/2016 10:57 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2016
Marcin Migdal - The Host of Reality Show

Marcin Migdal is a Youtuber and host of The Uber Experiment business and entertainment reality show. He never misses an awesome opportunity and will do anything to make things happen, today was no exception.

On a mid afternoon of July 28th, a popular Dubai Youtuber Mo of the MoVlogs channel posted a video called “MY FIRST ROLEX”, in it Mo went behind the scenes with Rap Superstar RSK where they announced the ultimate 3 Day Dubai Trip Giveaway.

This is Marcin’s video entry in hopes of being the lucky one to kick it with them and getting them both to agree to share their story of success on The Uber Experiment. 

Marcin’s #gobigorgohome attitude seems to be working as the video is gaining momentum on Youtube and Social Media. The superstar rapper himself took to Uber Experiment video only hours after it’s release and left his stamp of approval by means of a “Tripple Bow” icon.

Whether or not Marcin’s video lands him in Dubai is yet to be seen, but it definitely is proof that taking immediate action on opportunities gets you closer to success.

Musician/Songwriter Rsk Dubai ‘Outrageous’ is a primarily HipHop & RNB artist who’s been exploding on the scene lately. His tour dates include Los Angeles, Houston, San Diego, Toronto, Dubai, Las Vegas only in the next couple of days. RSK’s single Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Nothin’ can be heard and bought on iTunes and is going to be an instant hit.

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Youtuber Mo from on left with Rapper SKR (

Mo Vlogs is popular vloger and gamer, who became famous mostly thanks to his exotic car vlogs. Although he started blogging in San Francisco then in the UK during his University days. His YouTube channel from Dubai brought him some considerable income stream and as of 2016, Mo Vlogs’ total net worth is estimated to be around $350,000.

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His youtube channel already collected over 100 million views, which is incredible accomplishment since Mo joined YouTube in 2013. In his vlogs, Mo is often accompanied by his sister Lana Rose who has also own channel called lanarose786. In addition, to his vlog channel, Mo also runs a gaming channel, which is associated with Twitch account named HitspecK0.

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