Marco Rubio in Florida: Desperate

It's clear why Marco Rubio hasn't done anything in the US Senate, much less showed up for a vote: he's desperately trying to motivate GOP voters in Florida against Donald Trump.

The PAC supporting Rubio, Conservative Solutions, is sending Republican voters a series of large postcards. One shows Donald and Hillary smiling at the camera. The fright headers on the reverse: "Trump backs Clinton", "Trump Backed Obama's Stimulus and Wall Street Bailouts", "Trump Supports Universal Healthcare".

This is the postcard Donald Trump should send in response: Marco Rubio hugging his Big Sugar pal, Pepe Fanjul, first to greet Marquito when he came down from the stage at his announcement for his presidential bid. Why? After historic winter rainfall, it is mostly Republican voters who own coastal real estate on the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts whose property has been turned into sacrifice zones to prop up Big Sugar's massive pollution.

Pepe Fanjul, principal of Flo-Sun/Florida Crystal's sugar empire, first to hug Marco Rubio after announcing his presidential bid in downtown Miami.

Marco Rubio owes his political career to Big Sugar. After retiring from the Florida legislature, where his signal accomplishment was to help Big Sugar violate pollution standards agreed to between the state and federal governments, Rubio was recalled by Big Sugar to fight off the US Senate bid by Charlie Crist in 2010. Big Sugar hated Crist's deal to buy sugar lands for treatment marshes south of Lake Okeechobee. Paradoxically, if US Sugar Corporation lands -- 187,000 acres -- had been acquired and if that deal had been completed, Marco Rubio might be in a position to win the Republican primary in Florida. He is not, because he supported the Big Sugar polluters.

Pepe Fanjul represents what is wrong with Florida today: insider politics holding Tallahassee hostage, the cult of Big Sugar, its pollution overwhelming Florida Bay and spewing to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts where lots of Republicans own real estate. The Sugar Subsidy in the Farm Bill helps buy off politicians from Fort Myers to Palm Beach, from the Florida Keys to Tallahasee.

Marco Rubio represents crony capitalism at its finest. There's your message, Mr. Trump.