09/23/2015 11:08 am ET

Margaret Cho's Mom Taught Her About Homosexuality With Porn Called 'Ass Master'

"She wanted to explain to me gay people, and she had a visual aid."

These days, Margaret Cho is basically an expert in all things gay, but that wasn't always the case. Once upon a time, the comedian got a lesson in homosexuality from her mother, and it was quite the eye-opening conversation.

During an interview with HuffPost Live on Tuesday about her new special "Margaret Cho: psyCHO," which premieres Sept. 25 on Showtime, Cho recalled the talk she had with her mom, who used a prop from the bookstore her family owned.

The prop? A gay porn magazine called "Ass Master."

"She was really just trying to explain to me what gay people were like, because she didn't know that I knew about gay people. I was probably 7 or 8," Cho said. "So she wanted to explain to me gay people, and she had a visual aid. ... She was really shocked by it, but at the same time trying to explain gay people so that I wouldn't be alarmed."

Despite the potentially age-inappropriate visuals, Cho said the conversation was helpful for her as a kid.

"I didn't know anything then and was young enough to not understand sexuality and that kind of sexuality, so it was very enlightening," she said.  

Since then, Cho has thought deeply about her sexual identity and who she really is. In the video below, watch her explain why she identifies as bisexual even though it's not exactly the perfect descriptor, and watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Margaret Cho here.

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