Meeks Leads 1,500 In School Funding Protest At Wrigley

The rev. and state Sen. James Meeks led nearly 1,500 protesters outside Wrigley Field Tuesday night in a bid to draw national attention to his ongoing campaign against school funding disparities.

Meeks ripped Mayor Daley for his claim that the event would ruin the Cubs' playoff opener, but the protest may not have the desired impact, the Sun-Times reports.

Under a deal with city officials, what could have been a touchy situation turned into a relatively tame event with no arrests and virtually no interaction between protesters and Cubs fans.

School protesters arrived after the game started and left before it ended. But they were given a prime spot -- a cordoned-off area across the street from the park. Meeks had originally threatened to ring the stadium with protesters.

And one fan, unaware of why the group was there, asked the paper's reporter, "Are those Sox fans?''