09/05/2017 03:31 pm ET

Metallica's James Hetfield Takes A Spill Onstage In Amsterdam

He escaped unscathed, save for a bruised ego.

Enter, foot. Exit, dignity.

Fan-captured video of Metallica’s Monday concert in Amsterdam shows lead singer James Hetfield falling after stepping into a hole onstage.

The Associated Press noted that the hole was created when a section of flooring from the band’s custom stage was intentionally lowered as part of the show. The incident occurred while the band was performing “Now That We’re Dead.”

Hetfield remained down for several seconds as stagehands rushed to help him up. After recovering, the guitarist went right back to performing.

Fortunately, the metal icon appeared unharmed by the fall. Afterward, Hetfield addressed the incident while speaking to the crowd.

“Yes, I’m OK,” he said, per the AP. “My ego? Not so much.”

The band will continue touring Europe, with their next set scheduled for Sept. 8 in Paris.



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