Midlife Crisis? That Was So Last Year. #SayYourAge

Yeah, bitches, it's my 48th birthday. Yup, 48.... Which is the new, um, 48. I'm owning it.

Some of you think that makes me old -- see, for instance, the very first YouTube comment on my new song:


... and some of you think that makes me young (see, for instance, the reply to the very first YouTube comment:


I think being in your late-40's makes you a badass. Why? Cuz you've gotten over some stuff, you've let go of some stuff, and you've learned some stuff. You know what your politics are. You know how to demand a raise without getting defensive. You know you might not ever get a better time on your half marathon. .. but you also don't really care. You've got other important shit to do.

Midlife crisis? That was so last year.

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