01/25/2017 05:44 pm ET

This Is What It's Like To Join The Mile-High Club, According To Members

Taking their sex lives to new heights, literally. ✈️

Sometimes the friendly skies get a little extra friendly. Just ask these members of the mile-high club.

Some got frisky in the airplane bathroom (germs be damned!), others opted for some stealth beneath-the-blanket action in their seats. Some did it as a couple, others with a stranger. 

Below, 15 mile-high club members on Whisper ― an app that allows users to share their secrets anonymously ― reveal what it’s like to do the deed at 30,000 feet. 

  • 1
    Saw a hot guy at the airport & he ended up being on my flight. We had sex on the plane. Didn't believe that was really a thing but so happy I did it
  • 2
    My new husband and I became members of the mile high club on the way to our honeymoon. Just couldn't wait!
  • 3
    Even though I've had sex on airplanes a few times, I absolutely hate it. It loses the thrill after you think about how dirty everything is.
  • 4
    I had sex with the guy I was sitting next to in the airplane bathroom during our flight to Amsterdam. Wasn't as uncomfortable as I expected it to be
  • 5
    I cant believe I finally joined the mile high club. Talk about awkward looks leaving the lavatory.
  • 6
    Don't have sex on a plane unless you're flying private. Take it from me, I was yelled at by very angry flight attendants one hour in to a 10 hour trip.
  • 7
    I joined the mile high club during a red eye. It was dark and silent and I highly recommend it- as long as you and your partner can stay quiet.
  • 8
    Me and my boyfriend managed to have sex on a plane since we were in first class and it's less crowded
  • 9
    My secret: I joined the mile high club and lost my virginity at the same time
  • 10
    I was having sex with a really hot guy in an airplane bathroom, I have never met him before. So we walk out of the bathroom The whole plane could hear us...
  • 11
    I hated joining the mile high club. We went to the bathroom and I was elbowed in the face
  • 12
    I joined the mile high club at 19. I received a high five from the man waiting in line. Life win
  • 13
    I finally joined the mile high club. It only took about 2 minutes to do it but still... Mission accomplished.
  • 14
    My boyfriend and I had sex in the airplane bathroom on our trip to visit his parents. So good!
  • 15
    My boyfriend really wanted to have sex on the plane but other passengers came knocking on the bathroom door pretty soon after. I felt disrespectful