04/20/2006 07:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mission Accomplished


The result of today's blog survey "I Need to Get My Fix" was so entertaining that I simply need to do a same-day follow-up posting.

I challenged the Huffington Post readers and wrote, "So, please. Make my day. Post a reply that you hate this blog, and I'll know you're addicted to reading every word."

Three readers immediately fell into the trap and posted four derogatory replies, to the immense enjoyment of everyone else. My conclusion is simple. This blog is irresistible, both to those who like it and those who don't.

And just to prove the point, here is the most recent comment from a fellow blogger:

"Dr. Peter Rost, former Pfizer executive and male model (say what?) has begun blogging about Medical, Pharmaceutical and anything-else-he-wants issues at The Arianna Post (I still have issues about the cachet Ms. A. got from her formerly-married name), and while I am still far from finished reading the impressive output from his first three weeks, one thing has already made me a fan: his Disclaimer. I guess he realized he had become enough of a lightning rod by being "the first drug company executive to speak out in favor of reimportation of drugs", that he needed to ground himself properly, but I really love some of the wording in the 13 paragraphs (plus three photos of crossed fingers) of this non-binding legal declaration:

If you are a lawyer and read this you can never use this blog in a court of law, since it does not always contain a full statement of facts, or even facts, but you can use it to entertain your fellow lawyers. And if you are an entertainment lawyer, feel free to call me because I need a gig or a speaking engagement.

You can expect to encounter generalizations, simplifications, hypothecations, exaggerations, inflations, fabrications, but mostly a lot of truths no one ever had the guts to tell you before. (The last part I wrote, my lawyer made me put in those other words.)

This disclaimer may be updated anytime and is presumed to part of any past or future postings. If you didn't find it it's your own fault.

A lot of the commentors to his blogging think Dr. Rost is being too defensive or self-important. As a blogger who has always been proudly defensive and self-important, I think he's entertaining."


Now let's try that one more time:

"Please. Make my day. Post a reply that you hate this blog, and I'll know you're addicted to reading every word."


UPDATE: Please see comments below. I agree with LaughingLefty. I now believe in trolls. Pfizer trolls.