Mitt Cries: 'It's My Party' - People Proclaim: 'You Don't Own Me!' - Donald Inspires: 'Off and Running!'

Americans are fiercely independent patriots. Unlike the homogeneous society of Japan, that politely follow government directives, the multi-cultural American people rebel with gusto when frustrated, let down or ignored. Like the popular film "Divergent," Americans want respect for diverse opinions, not coercion and control by condescending "Erudite" politicians who think they know what's best for the people but are out of touch with the reality. Baby boomers across America grew up in the revolutionary sixties with pop star Leslie Gore bemoaning bad boy behavior. Her memorable lyrics in "You Don't Own Me" came to mind inspiring this response to Governor Romney's directive to the people to "dump Trump" while whining "It's My Party!" Republican voters have a different view-it's the people's party. The decision of who will lead the fight to survive Hillary must be the will of the people, not party elites. Debates are like auditions helping people choose the "Lead Character" with whom to cast their vote. Mitt is out!

"Make My Day"

Interesting to note, "House of Cards" the favorite American TV show in China, PRC government officials watch and discuss each episode. Whatever is portrayed in this fabricated political drama can influence Sino-USA relations, illustrating the enormous power of media and writers. The latest non-fiction American political melodrama playing to audiences worldwide could be called, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," or "Unforgiven" or "Dirty Harry" (aka Donald) and is not dissimilar to a Clint Eastwood wild west or rebel cop "Make my day" script. The former Mayor Eastwood of Carmel, California, is as much a tough guy in person as he is on the screen. He even changed the ridiculous law to allow people to eat ice cream on the streets.

For more than thirty years of conducting business in 70 countries, learning views from people with international mentalities, the interest is keen for this election. During President George W. Bush's administration, he was called a "cowboy", derogatory term in Europe but a moniker of respect in Asia and America. President Clinton on the other hand had the opposite reaction from Europeans, although called a "womanizer" they chuckled and embraced him, but he lost respect elsewhere. With our young children, I remember how hard it was trying to answer their curiosity of what "oral sex" meant as they heard our nation's President defend himself on Prime Time news.

The Masses, Not The Few, Rule

Mitt's tirade appears to be a form of jealousy, vying for challenging the woman, Hillary, who stood by her man with the disturbing mentality: "That's The Way Boys Are." Leslie Gore's ballad spotlights the enabling attitude, "Not a word do I say, I just look the other way, cause that's the way boys are." Mitt's personal attacks on Donald (as though his competition) sound like longing desire for the chance to dance with Hillary himself or make sure he directs who does. Anybody but Donald is his edict to the people. Trouble is "The People" do not appreciate being told "what to do or what to say." The irony of Mitt's "It's My Party" speech at Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah leaving out the karaoke lyrics, "I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to" is the very impetus of the "We The People" movement. The response to Mitt's arrogance by the American people is: "Don't say I can't go with other boys"- "Cause you don't' own me, don't try to change me in any way, you don't own me!" The People are firing "The Old Crowd" (status quo, not age) in voting precincts throughout "America, From Sea to Shining Sea." That's how American Democracy works, or is supposed to, according to the vision of America's Founders. The masses, not the few, rule.

"Beware of The Ides of March"- Even in July

Approaching March 15, when Florida and Ohio people speak their minds, the plotting to take out the GOP frontrunner by the elite establishment is mounting. Most of the mainstream media seems to be supporting the anti-rebellion effort not the anti-establishment movement by the people. Status quo has the mentality, "better the devils you know." Many of the so-called establishment and special interest organizations as well as political pundits and consultants are distressed because they fear the money they derive from traditional candidates could dry up and they have less control over "own person" types as exemplified by CEO Trump. The desire to exert power over the people, is reminiscent of what helped destroy the Roman Republic. The "Ides of March" 44 B.C. treachery was the manifest expression of corruption and division. Some compare the race for the power to confront Hillary to the threat of Cleopatra. Shakespeare could not imagine scenes as treacherous as the political intrigue now on TV's, radios and social media as the "I Don't Wanna Be A Loser" melodrama plays out.

GOP Unite, Play Fair and Square or Lose Votes

Beware RNC of the GOP elite "Ides of March" attempts in July at the convention in the great "Buckeye State". Donald is bringing millions of new and diverse voters, young and old. All ethnicities of "divergent" economic and educational backgrounds are joining the new entrepreneurial Republican Party- The Grand Old Party is evolving into The Great Opportunities Party. If their votes don't count, Trump voters will perform in unison, "Off and Running:"

"No matter what you do, no matter what you say
I've had enough of you I'm gonna break way
I'm off and I'm runnin' just as far as I can go
I've had it up to here and I want out
I'm gonna get my kicks I'm gonna have me fun
I'm not gonna take your tricks my (political) life has just begun
Well baby, I'm off and I'm runnin' just as far as I can go
I've had it up to here and I want out
Took my (vote) for granted and you pushed your luck too far
Well, you play things underhanded and now I know just what you are!"

Reflecting on America's Civil War which divided brothers and families is relevant as we consider the will of the people during this historic election cycle. President Lincoln proclaimed in 1863 "The Gettysburg Address" concluding, "that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish." In other words, "You Don't Own Me" is the modern rebuttal to Governor Romney's superiority stance. And Leslie Gore's "Out and Running" is the exit mantra.

"Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"

Music is an extraordinary way to express feelings and move people's hearts to reflect and do good. One of my sisters, Lisa Irwin Linsky, has the rare gift of music composition, playing by ear even with deafness. Lisa inspires awe and humility as she performs for our Armed Forces and their giving families. We grew up in a family that nurtured pursuits in the arts, business, public service and hospitality. At our Dad's resort La Mancha in Palm Springs, it was a terrific experience to get to know the legendary Leslie Gore. She made you feel the sincerity of her lyrics, "Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together." And like the popular play "Man of La Mancha" promoting an idealistic quest for good, the people of America desire the impossible dreams to be possible for themselves, their children and grandchildren. "Come on, join in, everybody" (vote) for more "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows," And "Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way!"

Let us remember the passing last year of Leslie Gore at only 68 years of age from cancer. A loss for our nation, her fans and loved ones, but her music lives on as a reminder that she is in her own words with "Better Angels" and not crying anymore.

We hope and pray for the Guardian Angels of all Americans to light and guard, to rule and guide our way.

Brothers and Sisters, Alleluia. Amen.