Moishe Mana: "Trump's Ship is Sinking"

The following is a guest post by Moishe Mana. As founder and president of the Mana Group, he is a real estate and content developer.

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The sinking Titanic story reminds me of those who believed the Titanic captain when he said “this ship will never sink” and ordered them to go full steam ahead. The same people, same crew members and guests, later found themselves jumping into the cold waters of the Atlantic – many of them paid with their lives.

The Trump gang believed in Trump and his unlimited power to con America and the world. They knew he was a demagogue. They went on the Trump cruise because they wanted a fun trip, they wanted money, greed, and power. They knew what kind of a ship they were boarding and what kind of a captain they were getting.

In the post-Trump Titanic era, many people will be facing justice - legal justice as well as social justice. Many of his supporters will be forced to hide and others, their careers will be doomed, some will even face jail. And with that, another dark chapter in the American history will be concluded.

Moishe Mana
Moishe Mana

Albert Einstein once said, “I do not fear evil, I fear those who stand by and do nothing about it.”

Trump supporters will be remembered as the Dark Forces of our time. Many Republican officials who did nothing and said nothing will be held accountable. Those politicians will fade away from our political scene. These people will enter the history pages as traitors who chose their jobs over America (I would love to see a monument of them built).

The day Trump gave his first speech against Mexicans, I warned that Trumps potential presidency will release the Genie out of the bottle. It will release these dark forces hiding deep in the woods of America and they will rally out in droves.

Genie has no color, religion, or boundaries. Genie is ignorant. Sometimes it’s the Mexicans, other times it’s the Muslims, and most of the time, it’s the Jews.

Yes, unfortunately, I was right on. Some part of me was happy about that. I was happy because it happened much sooner than I thought it would. Same as the Titanic, early on, 375 miles away from the shores where it had set sail, the Titanic hit an iceberg. It did not go far into the ocean, unfortunately, many people died.

I am happy because Trump was destined to happen sooner or later because America is boiling underneath. America is boiling because of the phenomena of Fox News, Breitbart, and similar media outlets who have been steering the path and harvesting anger.

America needed this because it didn’t experience the Germany of Hitler. What is allowed in America today is not allowed in Germany. Nazis are outlawed by Germany. People like Trump would not be allowed to run for election. The right to speech does not give you the right to incite.

I always believe in a clean house – sooner better than later. America needed a dose of Trump racism in order to strengthen its immune system.

The morning of the election results, November 9, I declared that America is in a Moral Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

I believe in America. I believe America has more assets than liabilities. And America will emerge to be a better country and greater than ever before. And Trump will unintentionally make America great again.

Lastly, for all those moderates who want to bring down monuments of America - statues of those who fought in favor of slavery and in favor of seceding from the Union - I think it is wrong to take down pieces of art. It is wrong because these monuments represent the mistakes that America’s story was built on.

My suggestion is not to wipeout history… just correct the story. Install a new big sign in front of the monuments that say, “The man who fought for slavery and wasted his life for the wrong purpose.”

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