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Monday's Morning Email: Dissecting Trump's False Claim About The Popular Vote

And how the media covers the president-elect's tweets.
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THE AFTERMATH OF DONALD TRUMP’S FALSE POPULAR VOTE CLAIMS The president-elect tweeted Sunday that “millions of people who voted illegally” were the reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote after responding to a recount push in three states. The tweet appears to be based in a stat circulating from Infowars. And here’s how the media plays into tweets like this. [Michael Calderone, HuffPost]

THE AFTERMATH OF FIDEL CASTRO’S DEATH The controversial revolutionary leader and former head of state of Cuba died at the age of 90. Take a look at his life in photos, the reaction of global leaders to his death and how Cuban-Americans in Little Havana responded. Trump’s chief of staff said Sunday that the diplomatic ties re-established with Cuba will be reversed unless further concessions are made.  And it turns out Justin Trudeau can do wrong on Twitter ― the Canadian prime minister came under fire after calling Castro a “larger than life leader.” [Jesselyn Cook, HuffPost]

LAST MONTH WAS THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN David Wood examines how the Trump administration will address America’s longest war in the failing country. [David Wood, HuffPost]

FORMER SOCCER PLAYERS HAVE COME FORWARD ALLEGING SEXUAL ABUSE AT ENGLISH SOCCER CLUBS Investigations have been launched into “pedophile activity in youth teams, which victims say has gone unreported for decades.” [Reuters]

‘WHAT ARE WE GOING TO TELL HER ABOUR HER PARENTS?’ The family of the San Bernardino shooters are still seeking custody of the couple’s daughter. [WaPo]

BEFORE LEAVING OFFICE, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA WORKS TO SAVE PUBLIC LANDS Take a look at all the “eleventh hour conservation” projects the president hopes to sign off on to codify the protection of public parks and waters against mining and drilling. [Dominique Mosbergen, HuffPost]

TANZANIA SUSPENDS U.S. HIV/AIDS PROGRAMS “Tanzania’s actions appear to mark the first time that a country has suspended parts of the United States’ hugely successful foreign HIV/AIDS initiative in an attempt to crack down on the gay community.” [WaPo]


BUMMED THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY IS ALREADY OVER? We have the ultimate holiday movie playlist to get you through. [HuffPost]

SAN FRANCISCO’S LIGHT RAIL WAS HACKED OVER THE WEEKEND Because that’s not concerning at all. [The Verge]

‘MOANA’ SURFED HER WAY TO A BOX OFFICE BLOWOUT The only Thanksgiving movie opener that topped it? That small movie called “Frozen.” [Reuters]

SPOILER ALERT FOR ALL THINGS ‘GILMORE GIRLS’ From the last four words to critical reaction, click only if you’ve finished going back to Stars Hollow. [HuffPost]

PRINCE WILLIAM IS ALL IN ON #TEAMMEGHAN The royal highness issued a rare statement supporting his brother, Prince Harry, in his own rare statement telling the British press to treat his new American girlfriend, Meghan Markle, with respect. [Vulture]

TAKE A NOTE OUT OF ANDY COHEN’S BOOK And get your skin checked out if someone notices a new mole ― especially if that someone is Kelly Ripa. [HuffPost


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