10/31/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Nov 04, 2015

The Most Haunted Places In The U.S.

Get in the "spirit." 👻

Whether it's an abandoned shack, a haunted hotel or a spirit-infested slice of the great outdoors, America's most haunted destinations make for excellent -- albeit excellently spooky -- Halloween weekenders.

The ghostbusters experts at Foursquare were kind enough to point out the freakiest abandoned, creepy and spooky places in the U.S., to add to your Halloweekend to-do list. They're located all over this ghoulishly great nation, so no matter where you are, don't fret: The spirits are near enough to visit.

See more of Foursquare's most haunted spots on their interactive map

And if you need somewhere to slay stay while on your haunted U.S. tour, consider this:

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