03/20/2017 05:47 pm ET

Natalie Portman Is Pregnant And Perfect In James Blake's New Music Video

Anna Rose Holmer directed "My Willing Heart."

Here’s a name you should know: Anna Rose Holmer. She directed “The Fits,” one of the best movies of 2016. She also directed James Blake’s radiant new music video, which premiered Monday. 

Here’s a name you already know: Natalie Portman. She starred in “Jackie,” the best movie of 2016. She also stars in James Blake’s radiant new music video, with one key surprise: she is very pregnant. 

One more name you should know: Natasha Braier. She shot “The Neon Demon” and “The Rover.” She also shot James Blake’s radiant new music video, a watery beauty that is embedded above for your viewing pleasure.