'Netflix And Chill' Just Got This Much Easier Thanks To, Well, Netflix

Order food and kick back at the press of a button.

Netflix made its name catering to mankind's most slovenly impulses, and now it's taken things a step further. Behold: the Netflix button.

One touch, and the lights dim. Netflix appears on your TV. Calls are blocked. Food is ordered. The stage is set for a perfect evening of chill -- be that a euphemism or not.

The streaming service debuted its groundbreaking device at the Maker Faire in New York City this weekend. Now, here's the catch: You have to make it yourself. The company posted DIY instructions on its website, noting that prospective button-makers should "be comfortable with a soldering iron." You'll have to purchase a microcontroller, power source, and know something about your TV's infrared. It may actually be just a cunning plot to teach us computer science.

Worth it? Yes, yes it is.

Netflix may have a lot of dirt on us, but at least it understands our truth -- that all we really want is to sit in peace with some snacks and something to watch.

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