New Company Responsible for Making Dogs Cooler Than Their Owners

04/21/2016 04:12 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2016

A new innovative pet fashion startup is taking the world by cute, fluffy storm!

You may already be one of their 14.3 thousand followers on Instagram in which case you are fully aware. On the other hand, you might not have heard of Wagdrobe, but have been taking a mental note that dogs are looking just a little bit more fashionable these days, and no it is not something in the water bowl.

Wagdrobe debuted last year, offering customers a unique exciting shopping experience! Customers essentially pick a style or theme box, let the "pet stylists" know the size and breed of their fashionista friend and just like that the cutest surprise blue box (yes, like Tiffany's but for dogs) of hand curated outfits and accessories show up at their door! It's like hiring a pawsonal stylist for your pets. Every order is unique so you can re order the same style over and over and just keep adding new pieces to your pet's wardrobe collection. 


It's a cool shades kind of day outside! ☀️🐶🕶🔥🔥 @hava_heart Tag a cool guy 👇🏻

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All of DIS for MOI?! 🐶💋😱 #styledbywagdrobe #stylishpup #pomeranian #smile #cute #love #petfashion

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If you're sitting there rolling your eyes at the absurdity of it all, I can't fully disagree with you, but I can at least say the price is definitely worth it with the smaller boxes starting at just $25. I am pretty sure you can't even buy one nice shirt for that price at Petco that doesn't read, "Will Sit For Treats".


If you are one of those mothers who manages their dog's Instagram account on the regular and you're looking for that added zest to up your "like" game then try putting your dog in a Wagdrobe outfit like these happy customers have! Also, if not for yourself, do it for your dog. Being on trend is cool, so don't be all,like,uncool.

Countess Luanne de Lesseps from RHONY was speaking in generalities I am sure of it.
Countess Luanne de Lesseps from RHONY was speaking in generalities I am sure of it.
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