New Victoria's Secret Images Feature Model Jasmine Tookes With Visible Stretch Marks

10/31/2016 03:35 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2016

For Glamour, by Danielle Odiamar.

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Victoria’s Secret just released images of their shoot featuring Jasmine Tookes modeling the company’s Fantasy Bra — and the pictures are amazing for three reasons. First, there’s Tookes herself, who is the first black model to wear the bra in a decade (about time). Secondly, there’s the $3 million Fantasy Bra itself. And last, but definitely not least, is what the company — which isn’t exactly known for eschewing Photoshop — kept in the images.

A certain area of the photo seems to have gone un-retouched: On Jasmine’s left hip, you can see visible stretch marks, completely normal things that most women have (an estimated 80 percent of them, in fact). And it’s obvious that she’s gorgeous — with or without Photoshop manipulation.

The debate about using Photoshop excessively is a big one in the fashion industry. Many celebrities have spoken out against overuse of the software, and major lingerie brand Aerie has even seen profits rise after doing away with Photoshop to smooth, adjust, or otherwise enhance their models.

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Though it’s unclear if leaving the photos unedited was intentional (we’ve reached out for a statement), we’re happy that they exist — and prove that women, whether Victoria’s Secret models or not, don’t need airbrushing to look amazing.

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