News Roundup for April 20, 2017

04/20/2017 12:41 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2017
FEDERICO PARRA via Getty Images

Happy 4/20 y’all.

1. Bill O’Reilly lost his show on Fox due to a loss of ad revenue. It probably should have been cancelled because of the harassment... More here.

2. Israel says Assad still has chemical weapons. Trump’s “warning” didn’t work. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. More here.

3. Three people are dead from three separate gun related incidents during protests against President Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. More here.

4. The FBI and CIA are hunting for the hacker who leaked top-secret documents to Wikileaks. How long do we have until Trump blames this on Obama? More here.

5. New study says that almost one-third of teenage girls have been sexually assaulted. We’re really fucking up, you guys. Let’s do better. More here.