News Roundup for May 31, 2017

05/31/2017 12:37 pm ET Updated May 31, 2017
WAKIL KOHSAR via Getty Images

Some news to go with your morning covfefe.

1. The United States has successfully tested their anti-missile interception system. Not looking at at anyone in particular *cough* North Korea *cough*. More here.

2. Kathy Griffin is under fire after her misstep “protest” picture of her holding a severed head of a Donald Trump dummy. Hollywood is out of touch… More here.

3. 80 are dead and hundreds were injured in a Kabul bomb attack. More here.

4. Michael Flynn is going to start cooperating with the Russia investigation. More here.

5. As if we needed more evidence, the president is moron. #Covfefe. More here.