01/09/2008 08:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NH Lesson: Don't Insult the Boomers. Wait Until We're Dead!

If you want my social scientific take on what happened last night, it's on my site. But I'll tell you my nonscientific observations. They start with this. Just as we boomers were beginning to believe that maybe the forties are the new thirties, the fifties the new forties and so on, along came the Iowa Obama sweep. And who got told they were over the hill, responsible for all that's gone wrong, in the way, hardly better than George W. Bush, responsible for him as a generation, and to move aside? Boomers.

Well, for two days a lot of boomers surely went into decline. Many were depressed, especially women who, after considerable bashing of Hillary and more than a stomach full of sexist comments, were taking a double blow. Two days of dismay and the boomers of New Hampshire, as is their way, sat up on Tuesday morning and said: Not so fast!

Add to this the boomer mentality (especially in New England) that the price of my house and who I vote for are my business not yours and the outcome begins to make a lot of sense. Polls are only as good as the skill of those running them and the willingness of their subjects to answer.

Personally, I prefer a race to a rout. Democracy isn't about being swept off our feet - especially by a MSM that can't even get polls right let alone interpret them with caution. It's about thinking before voting and keeping options open until that process is complete.

All the speculation to come today won't explain what people felt in their hearts yesterday. No amount of fancy technology is going to prevent a serious voter from doing what he or she believes is right. And, having grown up only two state doors down from New Hampshire, I would have been surprised if they'd done anything else.

Dr. Reardon is the author of The Secret Handshake and It's All Politics.

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