Nikki Haley On South Carolina State Worker Who Leaked Medicaid Data: 'Slam Him To The Wall'

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is showing no mercy toward a state worker in hot water.

Christopher Lykes Jr. was arrested on Thursday April 19 on charges of violating medical confidentiality laws and disclosing confidential information, the AP reports. According to South Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services, Lykes leaked the data of over 228,000 Medicaid patients, leaving Haley feeling quite heated.

“I told [South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division Chief Mark Keel] to slam him to the wall," Haley said on Monday, according to The State. "Do whatever we can to make an example of him."

Haley added that state agency supervisors are also on the hot seat, noting that "they will get fired" if similar incidents occur under their watch.

As Haley continues to serve her South Carolina role, speculation looms regarding her spot as a possible Mitt Romney vice presidential candidate. Haley dismissed that idea last month, noting that if asked by Romney, she "would say no." But a May 1 report by The Greenville News has experts still pointing to her as a possibility, citing the boost she would give Romney with women voters and the Tea Party.