Note to Musicians -- We Love to Watch

Music composer David Wittman made a really funny MP3 poking fun at himself as a kale-eating Prius-driving Whole Foods shopper. "Take it easy man, I try to calm myself. I've been on edge ever since they took Kombucha off the shelf ... Now I'm ... looking at my list, organic chicken, kale salad and a lemon twist."

He sent the song around to his friends. Not much happened. "It topped out at around 1,000" Wittman says.

A month and a half later he made the video. It blew up. "It speaks to how we consume things these days," Wittman says. "The video component drove it in this viral way that didn't even come close to happening with the MP3."

And now, according to Wittman, Whole Foods wants to feature the video on their website and Ryan Seacrest already has.

Wittman says he wrote the song after picking up the list (that's in the song) to make dinner for his fiancé. He was frustrated and getting ready to honk the horn at someone and he thought "what am I doing? This is crazy"

But maybe the real take-away here is how aggressive Prius drivers are getting -- pulling up, to quote South Park, in their clouds of smug. As a Prius driver myself (ouch) I've noticed the Prii (that's plural for Prius) are going rogue.

Could this video kick off an anti-Prius meme? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure -- on the web, we love to watch!

(Here's an audio interview, where Wittman talks about the virtues of quinoa and more...but then, who cares about audio?)