01/21/2008 01:42 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Expands 'Be A Democrat For A Day'

by Taylor Marsh

The video above is from Obama's Be A Democrat for a Day that he launched in Florida last year. We all know the same campaign was tried in Nevada until they got caught distributing very negative fliers.

Below is part of an email going out to Californians, which my friends have been to kind enough to share. I'm not registered in my home state right now, so they knew I'd want to see it:

... ... Remember, you do not need to be a Democrat to participate in the primary. Republicans and unaffiliated voters who choose "Decline to State" as their party preference can vote for Senator Obama.

Once someone is registered as "Decline to State," here's how it works:

Unaffiliated voters must specifically request a Democratic ballot. If they are voting in person, they can request the ballot at the polling place.

If they are voting by mail, they must contact their County Elections Officer and request a Democratic ballot ... .. Our campaign wants as many Californians as possible to participate in the Democratic primary -- to support Barack, but also to reconnect with the political process. ... ..

It's seems obvious the Obama campaign realizes their candidate can't win the nomination with Democrats alone. So why not bring in other people, even those who have no intention of voting for him in the general? Great way to stack the game in favor of our opponents. Let them choose our nominee.

Mythologizing Reagan in Nevada, amidst union intimidation. Channeling Mike Huckabee in South Carolina.

I thought we were nominating a Democrat.