09/29/2015 05:00 pm ET

14 Office Disguises That Will Work Perfectly, Trust Us

You couldn't be any more good to go.

These are the perfect office disguises. Perfect for when you need to be disguised at work. Even though people will still know it's you, because you're currently sitting at the desk you've been at for years.

But never mind that. These disguises will work perfectly.

  • Adorable puppy who's wondering how you have so much time on your hands to be bothering him.
    Domino via Getty Images
  • Paper bag head with smiley face celebrating his laptop turning on for another day.
    moodboard via Getty Images
  • Ski mask guy who needs you to see photos of his money.
    RomarioIen via Getty Images
  • Mexican wrestler who just body-slammed that presentation.
    Jupiterimages via Getty Images
  • Superhero who is talking to her boss but is also super informal, so her feet are up on the desk.
    Robert Daly via Getty Images
  • Dinosaur who is all about the old ways.
    mark hooper via Getty Images
  • Gorilla who can't believe you lost the Klumpet file!
    Allison Michael Orenstein via Getty Images
  • Horse who really hopes your productivity today is better than yesterday.
    tunart via Getty Images
  • Pig who, YES, STILL USES A MOUSE, and he's frankly tired of hearing about it.
    Westend61 via Getty Images
  • Mime who doesn't care how many clients are waiting, he's on his break.
    mediaphotos via Getty Images
  • The leader of an infamous, roving copy paper gang.
    BartekSzewczyk via Getty Images
  • An invisible guy who can't seem to locate his invisible files.
    redmonkey8 via Getty Images
  • Clown who definitely has time to rap with you, have a seat!
    Pando Hall via Getty Images
  • Someone else's face entirely.
    Simon Winnall via Getty Images



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