Ohio Poll Shows Race Narrowing Between Obama, Romney

The race in blue-trending Ohio looks to be tightening, with a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday showing President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 51 percent to 47 percent -- a lead within the poll's margin of error.

Those results, along with two other Ohio polls released Tuesday -- a SurveyUSA poll showing Obama 1 percentage point ahead and an American Research Group (ARG) survey giving Romney a 1-point edge -- reveal a closer fight in a state that recently seemed out of play for the Republican nominee.

ARG's previous survey, conducted in early September, had Obama up by 1 point in the state, and there were nine Ohio polls taken in September that showed Obama leading by 5 points or more.

"The new polls are a huge boost for Republicans, coming just a couple weeks after a string of polls made them wonder if there was any way to win without Ohio," reported John King, CNN's chief national correspondent.

Yet the CNN Ohio results may be the best news in a bad day of polling for the president. Polls released Tuesday by Rasmussen Reports and Ipsos/Reuters show Obama and Romney tied, while polls from ARG and Public Policy Polling/Daily Kos/SEIU show a small Romney lead among likely voters.

The CNN/ORC poll surveyed 722 likely Ohio voters by phone between Oct. 5 and Oct. 8, with a 3.5-point margin of error. Both candidates campaigned Tuesday in the Buckeye State.



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