01/29/2016 03:25 pm ET

Paleo Recipes That You Probably Never Realized Were Paleo

You might even be a Paleo dieter and not even know it.

These are the tenets of a Paleo diet -- eat more protein, fats and fiber, and cut out the stuff our ancestors didn't eat back in the Stone Age (cereal grains and dairy, mainly).

Many people now count themselves as disciples of ancestral health leaders such as Loren Cordain, the professor who brought Paleolithic principles to the masses when he published "The Paleo Diet" in 2002.

And like our Paleolithic ancestors, modern humans have been inventing creative ways of working around those rules, creating flavorful dishes using nutritious fats and whole foods, fruits and meats, ultimately resulting in a cleaner diet. But you don't have to be a Paleo-lifer to enjoy their recipes.

You might even be a Paleo person and not even know it.

Here, we present recipes that play into the Paleo rulebook, but are just as delicious even if you don't care about the rules.

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