Ambulance Crew Spontaneously Helps 98-Year-Old Gardener In The Heat, Melts Our Hearts


An ambulance crew in Waco, Texas, is being celebrated for a spontaneous act of kindness toward an 98-year-old woman.

Paramedic Kent Haney and emergency medical technicians Matt Linda and Deanna Covic were between calls Wednesday when they spotted Margaret Durham struggling to mow her lawn in 90-degree heat.

Instead of just driving on, the kind-hearted trio pulled up and finished the job on her behalf.

Dashlin James, who lives nearby, captured their selfless deed on camera. He shared the photographs to Facebook and his post is now going viral:

“Thank you guys for helping her out!” wrote James. “Lets give these men and woman a round of applause for saving lives and helping others out! They are appreciated!” HuffPost has reached out for further comment.

Haney revealed that his East Texas Medical Center crew collectively decided to stop and assist Durham because “she’s elderly and looked exhausted.”

She was on a dangerous slope of the yard, possibly could fall and lose control of the lawn mower and injure herself,” he told KWTX. “Ya know, the need for us to intervene there was so great, we thought ‘hey we need to intervene.’”

Once the crew members had finished cutting the grass outside her property, Durham reportedly insisted on putting the mower away herself. The crew said it now plans to regularly check up on their new friend.

James praised the way that his post had gone viral.

“I see people who take their phone out and record and share things that are negative, so to see a positive story go this viral its truly amazing,” he told HuffPost. “I love to see positive things going on in the community and elsewhere!”