Paris Climate Agreement Withdrawal Is Golden Ticket For Future Elections

Trump keeps paving the way for the death of the Republican Party.
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Trump pulls out of Paris Climate Agreement

Donald J. Trump is fighting every day to make America horrible again. His administration is negatively reforming healthcare, wrongfully enforcing laws, and destroying families by mass deportation. Now the White House administration has chosen to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement for naïve reasons, leaving Americans embarrassed and feeling guilty. The President promises to keep jobs in America, but to what extent?

It may be true that some Americans support the withdraw since they believe it will allow them to keep their manufacturing jobs in the short term, but it also negatively impacts those who want to keep our planet clean for future generations in longer terms. In other words, manufacturing jobs are temporary, but the well-being of our planet is essential to sustain life. Many celebrities and political leaders have expressed their concerns.

The withdraw doesn’t only represent the White House administration, it also represents the GOP. Many Republicans fail to realize that Trump is a representation of the entire party, and so far, he’s driving them into a downward spiral. Trump has proven to other nations that the administration cares more about the American economy than the well-being of our planet and the species living in it - which is a huge problem. By withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, the current administration is nearly securing the win for Democrats and Independents in future elections.

Although Trump admitted that he is willing to “immediately work with Democratic leaders” to “negotiate the U.S. back into Paris”, it’s highly unlikely we will see it in action since a number of European nations have already expressed renegotiation won’t be happening. While this puts the U.S. in a sticky situation, the next individual running for office will have to agree to the original terms of the Paris Climate Agreement - an unlikely doing for Republicans.

It’s not clear how the withdraw will directly affect our planet, especially since many corporations have already reacted by stating they will continue to remain in the Paris Climate Agreement. Even French president Emmanuel Macron has confirmed the Paris Climate Agreement will “remain irreversible.”

An unintentional yet essential outcome of the withdraw will be how Trump paved the way for the death of the Republican party and most of their antiquated ideologies. He is the unconsciously brave yet manipulative soldier to seal the end for a dangerous group of people who selfishly intend to benefit themselves. Republicans are simply enjoying the time they have left as a ruling political party while ruining the reputation of America - leaving the next leader to pick up the pieces.

To say the least, millennials are pissed. Like a determined PR corporation, political parties and running individuals for future elections will use this move to gain popularity and secure votes. They will refer to June 1st, 2017 as the day Donald J. Trump told the world to drop dead. That alone will motivate millennials and anyone who remotely cares about our planet’s longevity to vote against Republican - specifically Trump. In the serenading words of the Democratic party: na na na na, hey hey hey, #GOODBYE.