Parisians Refuse to Be Terrorized

05/17/2016 05:20 pm ET Updated May 18, 2017

Wrapping up three carefree days in Paris, it occurred to me that many Americans are not traveling here because they think it's dangerous or tense. While security is good -- as it should be these days -- I felt no tension here.

By the way, isn't it trueᅡᅠthat if we overreact emotionally and illogically to the threat of terrorism, we are in effectᅡᅠ"aiding and abetting the enemy?" People who overreact are unwittingly rewarding the terrorists, making themᅡᅠmore powerful than they actually are. Today, Parisians have a new phrase for going out: "going to a terrace." Back in November 2015,ᅡᅠterrorists shot up a restaurant's terrace, but the French refuse to cede thatᅡᅠterritory to the enemy. Bravo!

In this clip, I share my impromptu thoughts during rush hour at the St. Lazare train station as I'm on my way to the French countryside.

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