Penn State Scandal: Matt Millen Cries Discussing Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky Investigation (VIDEO)

The ongoing Penn State scandal, in which former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been accused of sexually assaulting eight boys over a span of 15 years, has rocked the university and its alumni.

Matt Millen, former Penn State defensive tackle and current ESPN analyst, went on SportsCenter Tuesday afternoon, shortly after Joe Paterno's press conference was canceled and broke down while discussing the sordid affair with anchor Chris McKendry.

(Millen gets emotional at the 4:30 mark)

"We all have our own opinions. I have some really strong opinions. And to be honest with you, and you can probably hear, I apologize, I get mad." he said before looking down at the desk. "It's pretty disturbing."

McKendry then picked up the conversation, noting how the turmoil at Penn State affects Millen like a family issue.

"It makes you sick," Millen said. "To see that this could happen to this level, if in fact it has happened, you know there is a part of me like I mentioned earlier, you just want to go take care of it yourself. Which is what i have always done and which is the wrong thing to do. But this is more than just a program. This is more than a football legacy. This is about people."

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Former Penn State linebacker LaVar Arrington shared his own reaction to the scandal on The Fan 106.7 FM in Washington DC on Monday afternoon.

"I'm upset, I'm shocked and I'm disappointed. Disappointed that, no matter what the outcome is, there were so many lives that were affected and impacted the wrong way," Arrington said. "And so for me -- and I know I'm speaking not only on behalf of myself but I'm speaking on behalf of every person who has ever went into a classroom at Penn State and has tried to do things the right way and what we call 'The Penn State way' -- the reason I'm speaking out is because that's how I feel. The irresponsible acts and the nature of what these allegations are right now, I just hate for it to be a lasting legacy of [Penn State] because that institution has done so much."

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