08/20/2015 08:06 am ET

Playboy Names America's 25 Sexiest Cities, New York Tops The List

They're ALL "Sin City."

Forget the best cities in the country. Playboy magazine released its list ranking America's 25 Sexiest Cities on Wednesday and we're already contemplating a move.  

According to the magazine, the list was determined by two separate polls that looked at metrics including nightlife, general lifestyle habits and "an undercurrent of desire." So it's not exactly scientific.

New York City ranked #1 on the list, mainly because its residents were into "kinky" things and a LOT of sex. "The people are hot, the sex is prime quality and the frequency is high, averaging 138 times per year," wrote Playboy. Considering NYC has the Museum of Sex and a topless book club, we have to agree with the ranking. 

Scroll down to look at the cities that made the top 10 and head over to Playboy to see the rest: 

  • 10 Portland, Oregon
    peterscode via Getty Images
  • 9 San Diego, California
    Zoonar/S.Heap via Getty Images
  • 8 Las Vegas, Nevada
    Mitchell Funk via Getty Images
  • 7 Seattle, Washington
    Spaces Images via Getty Images
  • 6 Boston, Massachusetts
    SeanPavonePhoto via Getty Images
  • 5 San Francisco, California
    Christian Heinrich via Getty Images
  • 4 Miami, Florida
    Lonely Planet via Getty Images
  • 3 Chicago, Illinois
    RudyBalasko via Getty Images
  • 2 Los Angeles, California
    Chris Pritchard via Getty Images
  • 1 New York, New York
    kanonsky via Getty Images

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