Prom Queen's "Doom-Wop" Is Your Favorite New Album

09/21/2017 10:34 pm ET
Prom Queen’s Doom-Wop Album Cover
Album Cover by Carol Hodge
Prom Queen’s Doom-Wop Album Cover

Prom Queen’s music has always been delightfully addicting. I first fell in love with it when Midnight Veil came out in 2014. The gloriously entertaining and catchy video album - featuring original retro animation, neo-burlesque starlets and the cult film legend Lloyd Kaufman - is one of the most enjoyable musical films ever made. If you haven’t seen it, watch NOW! Then came her genius mashup Stranger Peaks (it’s Stranger Things meets Twin Peaks) which instantly went viral. Prom Queen’s latest album comes out today and it promises the usual blend of her cleverly re-imagined 50’s and 60’s pop kitsch and the darker Badalamentian undertones.

Get your copy of Doom-Wop here. If you happen to live in Seattle, London or Glasgow, don’t miss her upcoming live shows. And enjoy the brand new music video Blonde:

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