11/09/2016 07:01 pm ET Updated Nov 10, 2017

Protests In The Wake of Trump Win

The election of Donald Trump to the highest office in the United States hit a lot of voters hard. During his campaign Trump was disparaging and offensive towards people of color, women, the LGBT community, immigrants, and people with disabilities. He lied with impunity, contradicting himself and his campaign one minute, and then realigning himself the next.

Nobody knew what to expect from him and his fans loved it, they saw him as a renegade, a man who was not hiding behind a political mask. His detractors were confused by it, his audacity and boldness to lie and lie again meant that there was no way to question him. His story and words were fluid, his only campaign platform was to "make America great again," which worked as a blank canvas for his supporters to fill in just what that meant to them.

Trump's win shocked the nation. Or half of it at least.

This shock has prompted a wave of protests across the country. 1,500 students in Berkeley High School walked out of class and jumped onto the #NotMyPresident hashtag on Twitter in protest of the news. This high school protest happened hours after 2,000 people rallied at UCLA vocalizing their displeasure toward the reality of a Trump presidency.

Washington and Oregan, both blue states, also saw protests break out due to the news. In red state Texas, protests broke out at the University of Texas in Austin. Students took to the streets chanting "immigrants are welcome here".

Donald Trump is President Elect, as chosen by the people, but these protesters show the deep emotion that was linked to this Presidential Election and this may signal a rocky road ahead for the GOP. The race was tight and the country has never been more divided.

All the positive work done regarding attitudes towards race, sex, gender, religion, orientation, and identity are at risk of being overturned but as long as people have their voices nothing will happen silently.