10/28/2016 01:46 pm ET Updated Oct 20, 2017

This Cat Has Way Better Halloween Costumes Than You Ever Will

I'mma let you finish, but this cat has the best costumes of all time!

World, meet Willow, the most festive creature you’ll ever have the honor of knowing this Halloween

Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan! 😂💕#willoween #nyancat #poptartcat #meow

A photo posted by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on

Willow is a 7-year-old exotic shorthair, and she loves to play dress-up, especially for Halloween. Just look at her dressed up as an avocado. Is your heart not melting?

I KNOW GUAC IS EXTRA 😂💕Thanks @annecyusername for the suggestion! #willoween #avocado #avocato

A photo posted by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on

Who knew toast could make such an adorable accessory?

An easy Halloween costume that doubles as a snack!! 🍞#willoween #catbreading #breading

A photo posted by Willow (@willowthesquishycat) on

Pineapple costume? UM, YES PLEASE.

This cat can pull off every costume under the sun, far better than any human ever could.

She’s even up-to-date on pop culture viral moments, like Ken Bone. Come on! You just can’t beat that.

So if you’re thinking about dressing up this Halloween, don’t. There’s really no point. This cat will just make you look bad. Stay home. 

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