Rachel Bloom Made A Hilarious Video About The Struggle Of Being A Ladyboss

"Being a boss is empowering...but it's also kind of weird."

“Leaning in” isn’t as easy as it looks, and a new song from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” creator and star Rachel Bloom perfectly explains why.

Being a woman who runs the show can certainly be “empowering” but, admittedly, “also kinda weird.” After all, women in positions of power are often perceived as “unlikable,” if you even manage to get close to the top you likely won’t have very many other women in power around you, and if you do then they you'll probably be pitted against each other. 

In an original video for Vanity Fair, Bloom asks the important questions about being a #Ladyboss:

Are you being too bitchy?

Not bitchy enough?

Should you care if you’re being bitchy?

Should you care if someone else thinks you’re being bitchy?

Are you weak if you do care that someone thinks you’re bitchy?

Is it appropriate to muffle your sobs with an RBG pillow?

And how much boob is too much boob?



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