07/03/2007 03:41 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Real Shamnesty, Scooter Walks

"All Men Are Created Equal" -- The Declaration of Independence

All men are created equal, except for mobbed-up, White House perjurers who are apparently MORE equal than the rest of us.

King George sure loves to bend the rules when it comes to his cronies. Today, it was "Heck of Job" Scooter who got that signature Bush special crony treatment.

King George confirmed that it's okay to obstruct justice, lie to the FBI and twist intelligence for political gain. Scooter broke the law. He lied to the grand jury, repeatedly. A unanimous jury of his peers found Scooter guilty of perjury, making false statements and obstructing justice. What if Scooter was black or retarded?

King George claims he "respects the jury's verdict." Yeah, right. Almost as much as Darth Cheney respects Senator Leahy.

Remember when King George fibbed when he said that anyone who leaked would be fired? Then Bush flip-flopped and raised the bar. Bush then said he'd fire anyone who committed a crime? How did we know that King George was telling a whopper back then? His lips were moving. And he was smirking.

Nothing happened. They said they couldn't comment on an ongoing investigation. Scooter didn't slink out of the White House until after he was indicted. In fact, Turd Blossom still works there WITH his security clearance.

The Bush Crime family sure is challenged when it comes to handling classified information. Darth Cheney is still defying an executive order protecting classified information with the downright laughable claim that he isn't really part of the executive branch. Maybe he's a part of that new fourth branch of government, Halliburton?

The Bush Crime family led us into an optional war using cooked-up intelligence. When Joe Wilson had the balls to call them on it, Rove and Cheney decided to punish him by outing Wilson's covert CIA agent wife Valerie Plame.

Today, bad apple King George actually did fall from the Bush 41 tree. According to Poppy,
someone who reveals the identity of a CIA agent is a traitor. Read Poppy's lips. Leakers are traitors.

When King Bush's Spin Team protesth too much that the Tumbler would NOT spare Scooter I think we all knew it was just a matter of time before Scooter walked. We call that "The Rumsfeld". Does he kiss them like Fredo beforehand?

Yes, our beloved Constitution does allow King George to hand Scooter a "Get of Jail Free Card", but that doesn't make it right.

History should and will judge him harshly. Just how low can King George's numbers go? He's verging on numbers that rival the remaining members of John McCain's "Breakdown Express" staff. [Will the last staffer standing at McCain's headquarters please cut the lights?]

The left shouldn't let the vast right-wing conspiracy frame this debate with their favorite battle cry, "Clinton did it!"

Presidential pardons and commutations leave a lingering stench. Whether it is stench of Clinton pardoning Marc Rich or Ford pardoning Nixon. With this commutation, Bush still smells of sulfur.