Releasing the Old to Welcome the New

07/21/2016 11:15 am ET


I’ve heard from many people recently who expressed some kind of hesitation about taking action in their lives.  It might have been in the context of business, health, a relationship, or something else.  But if how you do one thing is how you do everything, then we can probably assume they aren’t just holding back in that one area!

Looking around, we always seem to know what other people should do to get healthy/find love/go after that thing they’ve been talking about (maybe for years!), but we also recognise that it can be hard to take that step.  So many things can get in the way.

But if you want to get ahead in any area of life, then despite what else might be going on around you, you need to start by taking ACTION!

Today I wanted to share with you some thoughts on taking action on an IDEA (and there’s a challenge at the end).

Why start with ideas?

Because everything we do and create comes from an idea.  So if we can learn to take action on an idea, we will be able to create anything we desire in our lives.

We have ideas every day for projects, collaboration, adventures, a book to write, things we want to say, experiences to share, places to visit, the list is endless!

It’s so tempting to say WAIT!

I’ll do these when I’m ready.

Another day.

When it’s a better time, when I have more experience, more knowledge, more money, more support, when this deadline is over, when I have time to think it all through and make the idea better...


Ideas (like opportunities) are living, breathing things.  You need to act on them or they fade out and go looking for someone who will act on them.

And hoarding ideas reveals a scarcity mentality.  On some level, you believe:

# that you aren’t enough to carry them out;

# that by carrying them out, your moment of glory will pass too soon and you’ll be left with nothing in its place;

# and/or that this idea is the only good one you will ever have, so you’d better take time to make sure you have the PERFECT plan for seeing it through, because after this there are NO MORE opportunities.


When you act on an idea, your capacity for creating expands.  You gain experience, knowledge, connections, opportunities, all things you only got because you acted.

All these in turn inspire MORE ideas and opportunities.

Something else: the ideas that are inside you, were given to YOU.  You aren’t given an idea for something you are incapable of seeing through.  If you are able to recognise an idea then that means you already have everything you need within you to bring it to life.

So don’t believe that you should wait, you definitely shouldn’t wait.  As a creative being, it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to act on ideas you are given.  When something is in your head or in your heart, that’s the moment to act.

In the past week I have acted on ideas for:

# music videos

# newsletters

# blogs

# client case study videos

# guest posts

# skype chats

# lunch dates

# a free offer

# a new podcast

# a google + group

... and more besides!

Whether or not I felt ‘ready,’ I had faith that my ideas were good enough to be acted on, that I was good enough to fulfil them and that by acting on these ideas I would be given many more.

And today I’m releasing these thoughts to welcome new thoughts!  I’m sharing with this community to inspire someone else to make a transformation in their life - ideas can do that!  YOU can do that!

My challenge to you - What action do you need to take NOW in order to welcome new possibilities into your life?

Much love xx



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